Ceramic works and drawing

I make ceramics and draw, creating figures and structures that evoke personal and shared 21st century paradoxes, the work is broadly figurative. Ceramic works occupy an interesting and ambiguous place between art, craft and design, taking on different guises depending on how the work is conceived and how it is shown. This mobility makes the medium even more flexible than the raw material and more open to manipulation and conveying meaning.
I have had a portfolio career in art and design which spans working as a community artist, a freelance illustrator and more recently supporting my artistic practice by working as a web designer. My Restart blog on A-N discusses some of the issues faced by any artist trying to establish a practice in the uk.
My involvement in psychotherapy, Jungian analysis and men’s groups over many years has culminated in the creation of The Artists Space one-to-one individual sessions and group workshops.

The Artists Space

The Artists Space is an opportunity for artists to take an overview of the state of their practice in terms of personal meaning and satisfaction and consider how they might progress. I work on a one-to-one basis with individuals and also run one day group workshops. These short pieces of work could transform your art practice simply by helping you use the information you already have about yourself more effectively.

War of the Worlds, a ceramic tableau of terra cotta TV sets illuminated with light bulbs, complete installation is about 1m high by 2 metres wide.

Ceramic sculpture

My ceramic work looks at what it means to be a male in a diverse and fast evolving culture where masculine roles have changed much faster than the recurrent scripts that support them. This is my intention but I do not tackle gender politics head on, rather it forms the backdrop to the way I make things. At the present almost all my work is of (male) figures, this is a relatively new strand in my output. I want to use my sculpture and drawing artworks to explore the rich complexity of being a man in a post feminist age.

Three male figures adopt energetic postures. Terra Cotta ,height 12cm overall
Restart blog on a-n

In this blog I look at the process of learning how to engage with ideas, other artists and the wider public through writing. I aim to reveal key points about turning an art practice into one that has a public aspect, logging what that involves and how it affects the balance of my activities. Subjects include: How most artists are part-timers, Being male, The men’s movement, The complexities of working in an ancient medium now, The creative cycle, The physical and mental health of artists.

The Artists Space image, an abstracted image of connections and cores in watercolour

The Artists Space

Participants in these individual sessions and group workshops have the chance to review what’s good and what’s difficult about the role of artist for each of us. The purpose of this approach is to develop the skills of reflection and listening – especially to yourself. The work is focused on the individual. The intention of the work is to create a space and an atmosphere where it is safe to discuss in depth the many questions and contradictions that arise from choosing to be an artist.