Hesitation on the threshold of destiny: Documentary of the installation

Ceramic installation art - "Space Exploration: phase1 - Hesitation on the threshold of destiny" cabinet form

This installation work comprises six ceramic objects linked together with three strands of bright red cord. The glazing uses three oxide rich glazes and slips overlapping to create dark and metallic areas in a free flowing, barely controlled way.

Space exploration – phase one: Hesitation on the threshold of Destiny from Simon Fell on Vimeo.

The individual sculptures are either free hanging or fit onto part of the room in which they are installed, one element fixes to a recycled up-ended cupboard unit deployed as both plinth and three dimensional frame. Another sits on the floor and fixes onto the skirting board.

installation art work: Space Exploration: phase1 - Hesitation on the threshold of destiny. One ceramic unit in a series linked with red polyester cord forming a mixed media installation.

Ceramics installation by Simon Fell "Space Exploration: phase1 - Hesitation on the threshold of destiny"

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A series of nine 'cars' made of terra-cotta
A ceramic sculpture installation, a set of nine unglazed terra-cotta ‘vehicles’  each with its own distinctive character and attributes.

Autobiography - 9 terra-cotta 'vehicles' a ceramic scuplture installation.

Detail of ‘Autobiography’


War of the Worlds…

War of the Worlds a ceramic installation by Simon Fell
War of the Worlds, earthenware, bamboo, chain, light bulbs & wiring h80cm.
Full title: “A melodramatic tableau loosely based on H.G.Wells’ ‘War of the Worlds’ featuring a renegade cohort of obsolete entertainment modules intent on changing the course of history forever and ever (with extreme prejudice).” This group of eight part-glazed terra-cotta televisions represents a departure into mixed media and work on a larger scale. The ceramic units are on bamboo legs. Each one has an electric light bulb inside it.

A ceramic installation work that looks at redundancy, consumerism and technology through the lens of a melodramatic science fiction scenario. This piece evolved from a previous work featuring a tv set.