The New Year is a challenging time when you need to get going again, hopefully with some new energy and ideas. But where are those ideas going to come from?

More haste less speed

Whatever you do you will have to take the time to plan it first. The great thing about taking a break at Christmas is that it gives most of us some time to think about things and work out what we need to change. That’s the first step in formulating a plan, working out what you want to achieve. If you can work out what’s not yet right in your creative practice, what bugs you about it or frustrates you, that is a good place to start. How can you scratch that itch?

Get some perspective

This is where The Artists Space might be able to help.

The Artists Space

What are the small things you can change that will make a big difference? If you want a forum in which to work that out, I run individual 1 hour sessions to help artists do just that. There is no general answer to these questions, every creative person is different and has different questions with individual answers.

These sessions are not tutorials or critiques nor are they portfolio assessments. The work in these sessions is about discovering what you think, finding out what makes you tick and what is getting in the way.

To get 2019 off to a good start I am offering a 25% discount on these sessions From now until February 16th. Instead of the usual £60 a one hour session will cost only £45

Full details and booking will be available shortly. If you are interested please fill in the form on the Artists Space individual sessions page and I will get in touch with more details.