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What is it?

MakersHeadRoom is a weekly online group conducted over Zoom. The idea is to work together as a group of individuals, to share our presence and our energy in a non-verbal environment, for the hours of the group we hardly talk.

MakersHeadRoom started in mid April 2022. The plan is to run it ‘in Beta’ for the first couple of months to test out the concept and adjust things if necessary. Watch this space and the Instagram @MakersHeadRoom account for more news.

Currently there are two 1 hour sessions on a Tuesday starting at 9am BST and 10am BST but you can attend both if you want which gives you a good 2 hours to get things going

What happens there?

A group of self selected people turn up on Zoom to make things in concert with other people.

What do I need to know about it?

After the initial 10 minute introduction while the group assembles and everyone is welcomed the making session is conducted without words but with microphones on. That way you can positively hear the presence of others without being interrupted or distracted by it.

What’s the etiquette? What should I do?

MakersHeadRoom is meant for people who want to make things with their hands at a regular time each week. Anyone can make anything they like from a sculpture to a robot to an embroidered map of the universe. You can do exactly what you want as long as you can either work quietly or mute yourself if you know your activity is going to get noisy.

Are there no limits?

The only rules are that you do not to disturb anyone else, so if you need to do anything really noisy you mute yourself on the Zoom interface. As the host I can also use the mute option for you but I am not expecting to intevene in this way very much.


This workshop idea is based on @SculptorsDrawingSpace developed by Mark Richards. If you want to draw with a group online, that’s a great place to do it.

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  3. Artists Insight meetings are one to one online sessions to help distinguish the myths and reality of an artistic practice for artists of any description

Mixed media installation. I no longer consider the realism of the figures very important as the objects manage to retain their ‘presence’ despite a lot of variation in proportions and any sense of realism or accuracy.

Image of 'Abundance' - A still life on stand by contemporary ceramic artist Simon Fell

Last night's dream (02) - ceramic modelled surface sculpture by Simon Fell -front view

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