Postponed! – ///Move.Fault.Storm

Venue: The Garage, 4b Sudeley Place, Brighton BN2 1HF

Dates: tba – possibly Weekends in Oct 2020:

Times: 11am – 5pm Saturdays and Sundays

Stay home, be safe, stay in touch

You might have expected to hear about my forthcoming show in May by now but in the event it has had to be postponed like so many other public occasions. The organisers of The Artists Open House Festival in Brighton are now saying it could take place in October. If and when it becomes clear that this is the case I will send out invitations so please make sure to sign up to my email list

Chosen by an algorithm

The title of this show has been chosen by an algorithm. I used the What3words geolocation app. It divides the entire globe into 3 metre squares each with a unique 3 word address. I have taken the title from the 3 metre square that sits on the doorway of The Garage on Sudeley Street in Brighton where I hope I will be exhibiting my latest ceramic artwork at the weekends in Oct 2020.

The result is a brief Haiku-like phrase rich in randomly generated imagery which manages to fit the bill remarkably well.


The work is dynamic, often depicting moving figures, balanced while changing direction or mid-flight. While my work does not actually move it does evolve rapidly as I work on it, often changing and developing beyond the original plan. In this show I will be introducing a whole new strand of work based on brightly coloured ceramic roundels on neutral coloured structures that evoke architectural spaces.


Faults are where earthquakes occur – so this is another allusion to rapid change. All the best art is flawed in some way and artistic concepts stem from the flaws or contradictions in the artists own life and of the world he/she/they inhabits. As my work unfolds I never know what will really work and what will not, that information only really appears after the fact.


We live in stormy times, how apt that this word crops up here, at the time of writing the whole world is in turmoil as the effects of the Corona Virus are coming upon us, so unstable are the times we are enduring we just don’t know what are the possible outcomes. A lot of my figure work is about balance and movement, capturing dynamic moments of action, like the forces inside a storm, often reflecting opposing forces within or between figures.

Room for interpretation

Artists do not always know what they are making until it is made, often the understanding and rationalisation follow the making rather than precede it. Objects made with clay do not always translate directly into English, not all languages contain the same set of meanings either, so there is room for an audience to interpret and room for diverse ideas in addition to my own intentions in making the artworks.

I hope you can find meaning of your own in ///Move.Fault.Storm as and when it takes place.