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Blur work

As a way into the ideas in The Artists Space group workshops and individual sessions I have developed a talk centred on ways of understanding the artists role and an introduction to the creative cycle.

How you interpret the role of the artist is crucial to everything you do as an artist. Just as a job description describes your roles and responsibilities in employment so a definition of your role as an artist will help you clarify your artistic practice.

Understanding the creative cycle could really help you work in a sustainable way…

In my Restart blog posts on a-n I reflect on many of the issues I have come across in my artistic practice, dilemmas and difficulties that demand reflection and resolution. In this talk I will use some of these ideas to elicit what kind of issues have come up for the audience in their practice. I will ask how they have approached resolving them (if resolution is always possible) so that a degree of participation is involved in the event rather than an entirely passive role for the audience.

The talks stand alone in their own right, the audience should find the ideas stimulating and relevant to their practice, they are also designed as an introduction to the more intensive process involved in The Artists Space individual sessions and group workshop.


To organise a talk please get in touch through my connect page