17th April 2019

For immediate release


Artworks by Simon Fell at


4b Sudeley Place, Brighton BN2 1HF

Four Weekends in May 2019:
Sat 4th & Sun 5th  |  Sat 11th & Sun 12th  |  Sat 18th & Sun 19th |  Sat 25th & Sun 26th 

11am – 5pm

Civilians at The Garage is part of the Brighton Artists Open House festival and the Kemptown Artists Trail

“CIVILIANS” Ceramic Sculpture Show on the Theme of Conflict in Brighton’s Artists Open House Festival

Artist Simon Fell is opening The Garage in his house in Brighton’s Kemptown as a gallery of ceramic sculpture. This is his first time showing as part of Brighton’s Artists Open House festival,  a key event on the arts calendar for visitors to the city and residents alike.


Civilians is a show of ceramic sculpture. The title is a play on the idea of civilians as non-combatants at a time when we all seem to be involved in the struggle for our nations future. As in a war zone, no-one is immune from the effects of the conflict now or in the years to come.

The work depicts figures in various states of conflict with each other or within themselves. Other states are also featured, from uneasy stalemates, to focused cooperation and unbridled joy.

Fell uses his work to examine what it means to be the gender you are. Many women-artists now make this a central theme of their artwork, not so much the men-artists –  until now. One of the driving forces behind this body of work is the question “What does it means to be male in the modern world?” To which the artists responds with figures full of paradoxes and ambiguities, conflicts and affirmations which are open to interpretation by the viewer. In the absence of definitive and universal answers to questions like this perhaps this artists message is – “Keep looking”.


Simon Fell is an artist who makes figurative sculpture in fired and glazed clay. He works in London and Brighton. In the past he has worked as a web designer, an illustrator and a community artist in London.

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Riot of colour - twelve small coloured figures with clubs

Paradox- terra cotta figure with electric light

Civilians installation of Enlightenment, a ceramic sculpture by Simon Fell