I am now working towards opening the shed at the end of my garden as an open studio for the Brighton Artists Open Houses Festival in May.

I have branded the shed as Ovoid studio / gallery / project space partly because it’s next to the village of Ovingdean and partly because I like the sound and meaning of the word. It signifies a shape that’s like an oval but is maybe more egg-shaped, the word denotes a class of oval shapes, not one specific form. Like most art it’s a bit ambiguous and hard to pin down but easy to understand (if you want to) at the same time.

Ovoid logo variant 4 for Ovoid studio / project space / gallery in Ovingdean near Brighton. An egg shape angled at about 30 degrees with the word 'Ovoid' horizontally across the middle.We will be open every Saturday and Sunday in May for the Artists Open House Festival. It will be well promoted through their free directory publication and their website and through their Social Media as well as my own. The shed already has an Ovoid Facebook page and an Ovoid Instagram account  where you can follow progress towards the open weekends and events.

More details will also be appearing on these pages in due course.