I have finally done it. I have built myself an online shop. Now that may not sound like earth shattering news but for me it’s a giant step.

It’s not just the fact that I have had to master a shedload of technicalities and had to make hundreds of micro-decisions about how it should look and how it will work. It’s the transition in my attitude that has taken me from feeling that selling art online is slightly ridiculous to being convinced that it is worth a go. There is a major shift taking place in that artists are increasingly realising that they can take more of the selling process into their own hands. Selling online has the potential to make us less dependent on the gate-keepers of the art world, to enable us to reach more people directly through our own websites and other online platforms.

But this is just a first stage. I think the greater challenge of marketing the online shop and the work as a whole is yet to come. I now have to let people know about my work and about my site to get the process running. I now need to turn a trickle into a flow and a flow into whole river…

By the way I won’t just be selling my ceramic artwork and drawings I will also be booking The Artist Space sessions from the shop. This should streamline the whole process considerably so why not take a look, it’s here: Simon Fell Artworks online shop

Photo by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash