What exactly is going on when I decide to make a drawing I wonder, what is so complex about this apparently simple decision to make my mark? Drawing has waxed and waned as a significant part of my artistic life and career and I have often wondered why. This article is by way of a personal tracing of my tracks. I will be looking at how drawing has been present at different times in my life and absent at others and what it has meant to me. I have history with drawing: I suspect there’s an arc in my story moving from drawing for other peoples approval towards drawing for my own satisfaction – or dare I say – delight.

The article is published on the a-n website under my Restart title:

What's so tricky about drawing? Read the blog
Thumbnail array of drawings in charcoal on paper of portraits made at a 'Drawing is Free' online session
A set of my portrait drawings selected from two sessions with Chloe Briggs online @drawingisfree project. Charcoal on paper.