Individual one-to-one sessions, workshops and talks

What is it?

Artists Insight takes the form of an individual session for an artist wanting to work out the issues that have come up in their practice. It provides a forum to explore and consider how to resolve some of the questions involved in being an artist now. Artists Insight can also take the from of a group workshop or an introductory talk for a group.

What’s it about?

Artists Insight is about the highs and lows of being an artist.  In my talks I ask what is good and what is difficult about the role of the artist. Whatever medium you work in there is a creative cycle that everyone goes through in pursuit of their work, that cycle involves a complete spectrum of emotions, which need to be acknowledged and processed as you work in order to continue. The core purpose of Artists Insight is to develop the skills of reflection and listening to what comes up during that cycle and learn from it.

In the workshops and individual sessions the intention is to create a space and an atmosphere for participants where it is safe to discuss the many questions and contradictions that arise from choosing to be an artist. Almost by definition working as an artist involves taking risks and a certainty of some degree of failure. How do you process the experimental aspect of this career choice?

The role of artist offers us a great opportunity for individuality and diversity but that comes with a lot of pressures – to get the attention of an audience, to be original, to be spontaneous, to pursue excellence. How do these ideas influence you to moderate or modify your work?

About Artists Insight one-to-one sessions

A one hour individual session to help you distinguish the myths and reality of your artistic practice. Sessions are customised to you. Click the button to see the page with further details

Individual sessions

About the online Group workshops & Introductory talk

To find out about both Artists Insight Group Workshops for 6-10 people OR the Introductory Talk to Artists Insight for a group of any size please get in touch through the form below.

Prospective participants may find it useful to read my article on The Creative Cycle on the a-n site to get a sense of how I think and work.

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