Enlightenment single white glazed figure 0659

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Unique free standing small single white glazed figure. This terracotta sculpture is part of the installation Enlightenment

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This piece is one element from the installation entitled Enlightenment which started out as an experiment. I started making solid figures and piercing them with various tools, sticks and plastic implements. I then began using the solid forms as moulds to make shell forms. I used pre-perforated sheets of clay or a continuous shell that was pierced by cutting or driving implements into it. If you look at the different clay figures you should be able to discern the difference between the two methods: Holes that are cut and holes that are driven in.

At under £200 this qualifies as part of #artistsupportpledge whereby I pledge to buy another artists work worth up to £200 for every £1000 worth of art that I sell. As these pieces sell I will replace them with new versions so the complete installation will evolve over time. If you collect one of these works you will become an integral part of the continuity of the piece.


The lighting inside the figures shown in the installation view is NOT included. Much as I would like to I am not planning to offer this at the moment.

DELIVERY: Important note

This artwork is currently in storage and may take a few days to send. If you are interested but not ready to pay full price please get in touch and I will reserve the work for you for a 20% deposit

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