The Artists Space – Introduction

A one hour individual session to distinguish the myths and reality of your artistic practice

What is it?

A one hour individual one-to-one session, for women or men, any age over 18, working in any media who define themselves as artists or creatives in any medium.

How could I benefit

By taking the time to reflect and discuss your art practice and its direction it is likely you will be more decisive in making the things happen that you really desire. These reflections may help you to discern more clearly what aims are most important to you and decide how you could achieve them. This process could save you a lot of time and money in the long term, but above all it could help you enjoy your work more.

How does it work?

The sessions can be tailored to your requirements, if you have particular questions you want to look at that will determine how we spend the time. I will ask you to bring some thoughts on what is fundamentally good and what is difficult about your practice as an artist as a starting point. I work on the premise that any information discussed during any session will be confidential.

Some other ways to look at the question might be:

  • What qualities do we associate with being an artist? Are we inspired by or intimidated by the Genius, Iconclast, Free spirit, Hero(ine), Pioneer, Bohemian, Rogue, or Charlatan?
  • How do we process the archetypes such as the Suffering artist, the Starving Artist and the Ruthless Artist?
  • What exactly do we aspire to? What is it about celebrated artists such as Tracey Emin, Jeff Koons, Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, beyond their success or ‘genius’ that draws us to them? Who are your artistic heroes? What is compelling about them and how do they influence you? What is our relationship with figures like this – do our artistic role models work for us or restrict us or both?

What will it cost?

£60 for a one hour individual session.

About Simon Fell

I am an artist working in ceramics and drawing. I have had a portfolio career in art and design which spans working as a community artist, a freelance illustrator and more recently supporting my art practice by working as a web designer. My involvement with individual and group psychotherapy, Jungian analysis and men’s groups over many years and a desire to share these perspectives has led to the instigation of these sessions.


Sessions can be organised in London or Brighton.

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